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Hi I'm Ben.
19 years old

i have a big passion for Snowboarding,guitar,drums and bands.
i also like other shit like raving to drum and bass :P

anyways welcome to my blog. i just post accoriding to my mood. but it is mostly stuff involved with snowboarding bands tattoos and piercings.

Anonymous: Are you single?


yeah I am.

uhmmm no you’re not….. 


yeah so this is my butt.

reblogging for da booty !!!
Me with tha sexiesy dog ever
Anonymous: Tits or ass?

kinda of a sexist question. but i’d have to go for da booty.

Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” marley - make it bun dem (Karimooo Remix)

Cause karimooo is a fucking badass

Anonymous: How would you murder your victims?

that completely depends on the situation. but i’d smother them with love which they would either choke in or be so grossed out they puke out their organs,

3 in a row
15. April 2014


come on with your questions annonsimage

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